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If you haven’t checked out this website yet, I suggest you do. They have great writing prompts and suggestions on how to perfect your writing. 

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Mikael Aldo - Day 352/366 Touchdown
→ Article: The Miraculous Life of Gabriel García Márquez

The Miraculous Life of Gabriel García Márquez

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Many artists in ‘Take It or Leave It’ borrow, steal, or change existing visual material to give it new meaning. Now we want to see your appropriations! Just find us on Instagram @hammer_museum, repost one of our photos, give it a new title, and tag it #approrpriatethis! Or, just Instagram your own photos of the exhibition! #inspiration by sassysiew
" Here is the diary of a book and it will be interesting to see how it works out. I have tried to keep diaries before but they don’t work out because of the necessity to be honest. In matter where there is no definite truth, I gravitate toward the opposite. Sometimes where there is a definite truth, I am revolted by its smugness and do the same. In this however, I shall try simply to keep a record of working days and the amount done in each and the success (as far as I can know it) of the day. Just now the work goes well. It is nearly the first of June. That means I have seven months to do this book and I should like to take them but I imagine five will be the limit. I want this one to be leisurely though. That is one of the reasons for this diary. "

Working Days: The Journals of The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck

On May 31, 1938, John Steinbeck began writing a new novel, a work that would become his seminal masterpiece, The Grapes of Wrath. Throughout  the process, he kept a journal. This first entry characterizes the ambition and anxiety that went into the writing of this novel. “New Start Big Writing,” he wrote boldly on the first page. Throughout the week, as we build up to the novel’s 75th anniversary on April 14th, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating one of the great treasures of American literature.

Monday First Sentences | Every Monday, we offer the opening sentences of a Penguin Classic to start the week

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Truth be told.

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I get angry a lot and when this anger fills me up I feel like destroying everything I set my eyes on…even people. What makes this so bad is that when you realize this anger and you let it fill you up; you also realize how small and invisible you are in the world and universe.

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